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NHS Staff Survey 2015

2015 NHS Staff Survey results: now published

Results from the 2015 NHS Staff Survey are now available in the latest results section of this website, and through the links below. The results were originally published on 23rd February and updated results were published on 22nd March 2016. A detailed description of changes is available here.

Please note that the updated results correct errors that were identified in two of the published documents, the national level weighted data and national briefing note.  In both cases, results for questions 6a-c, 12a-d, and 18b-d were reported incorrectly in the original documents. The Picker Institute apologises for any inconvenience caused by these errors. The revised documents feature corrected data and have been thoroughly checked and reviewed.  None of the other documents were affected: all trust-level data, key findings, and unweighted national data have been checked and remain accurate. A detailed description of changes is available here.


To meet the needs of participating organisations and associated bodies, the questionnaire, Key Findings and benchmarking groups all underwent substantial revision for 2015. Further information on these changes, and their implications for the comparability of 2015 data to previous years, can be found through the supporting documents section below.

2015 results

- For detailed feedback reports containing the results for each organisation that participated in the survey, please see the feedback reports tab here.

- For a briefing note containing an overview of the national results from the 2015 survey click here. (Please note this document was revised on 22nd March 2016, a detailed description of the changes is available here).

- For a spreadsheet containing the national and trust type weighted 2014-2015 data for all questions and Key Findings, click here. This data is weighted to account for trust size and occupational group differences, and matches that used in the national briefing. (Please note this spreadsheet was revised on 22nd March 2016, a detailed description of the changes is available here).

- For the unweighted detailed spreadsheets containing unweighted Key Finding and question level data for each organisation that took part in the survey, please click here.

- For a spreadsheet containing 2015 NHS Staff Survey data for the Workforce Race Equality Standard, please click here

Supporting documents

The following supporting documents provide further information on the 2015 NHS Staff Survey to help understand and contextualise the results:

- A ‘Making sense of your staff survey data’ document, which contains detail on the calculation and usage of the Key Findings and ‘overall staff engagement’ figure, and also explains the weighting, benchmarking, and ranking of organisations that is used in the feedback reports, as well as the calculation of the question data used in the report and a reminder of the eligibility criteria for the survey. It is available to download here.

- A 'Key Finding calculations and comparability' document, which is an extract from the above 'Making Sense' document, is available to download here.

- A 'Summary of key research findings from the NHS Staff Survey', which summarises the key research findings from the NHS Staff Survey and suggests what NHS organisations can do to learn from these, in order to create better conditions for both staff and patients, available to download here.

- A 'Questionnaire, Key Finding and benchmarking group changes explanatory document', which details the substantial changes made to these aspects of the survey for 2015, and their implications for the comparability of the data and reporting - available to download here.

- A 'Comparability spreadsheet' which shows which questions are considered comparable between the 2014 and 2015 staff surveys - available to download here.

Other resources

For further information on comparative health & social care data please see the My NHS website at: https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/performance/search