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Approved Contractors

Approved Contractors Framework for the 2018 NHS Staff Survey

Note: the current approved contractor framework expires on 16 June 2019. However, contracts, or contract extensions, for NHS Staff Survey services after this date, can still be awarded under the terms of the existing framework provided that the contract is awarded before the framework expires - i.e. by 16 June 2019 at the latest. So, it is possible to negotiate and procure a contract for 2019 NHS Staff Survey (and future years) using the framework, provided it is awarded by 16 June 2019. A notification email was sent out about this to all organisations which participated in 2018, including further details. A copy of the email is available here.

The previous NHS Staff Survey Approved Contractors Framework Agreement which NHS England inherited from the Department of Health in 2013, had three suppliers on it, Picker Europe, Quality Health and Capita. This framework expired on 31st July 2014.

Feedback from trusts was that they would like a similar framework to be created for the 2015 survey and beyond, so that they did not have the burden of procuring their own supplier through a full procurement process. NHS England has therefore run a procurement process, under the Public Contracts Regulations 2006, to establish a new NHS Staff Survey Approved Contractors Framework which will run from July 2015 to July 2019.

The two suppliers who met both the quality and price thresholds of this process in order to be appointed onto the new framework are Picker Institute Europe and Quality Health.

To guide you through procurement of a supplier for your NHS Staff Survey using the framework, procurement guidance is available below. The guidance sets out the requirements for compliantly calling off from the Framework, the criteria against which contracts must be awarded, the call off order forms and the terms and conditions which will apply to your contract.

Although the Approved Contractors Framework has been set up for use by trusts and other organisations, use of the framework to procure your NHS Staff Survey services is not mandated. If you choose not to use the framework, then you must undertake procurement processes in line with your local procurement guidelines. You are advised to ensure that you obtain proper assurances around the process quality and capacity of any potential suppliers you engage with, to be able to meet the requirements contained in the NHS Staff Survey guidance for the delivery of your NHS Staff Survey.

Guidance Documents to award via Framework

Background Information on the NHS England procurement process

These documents set out the procurement process when establishing the Framework:

Contract Notice 2015/S 029-049099

ITT Document 3 ‘Statement of Requirements’

Approved Contractor contact details

Picker Institute Europe

Jaana Kosunen: jaana.kosunen@pickereurope.ac.uk  / 01865 208 153

Alex Rawet: alex.rawet@pickereurope.ac.uk / 01865 208 104


Quality Health

Daniel Ratchford: daniel.ratchford@quality-health.co.uk

Kerry Hibberd: kerry.hibberd@quality-health.co.uk

Lucinda Phillips: lucinda.phillips@quality-health.co.uk

01246 856263

Service Contract

A suggested template contract is available here.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the participating organisation and the contractor they appoint to agree a contract that works for both parties.