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National NHS Staff Survey Co-ordination Centre

2017 Results

Results for the 2017 NHS Staff Survey are now available.

The results of the NHS Staff Survey 2017 are now available. The various outputs that are created as a result of the survey's publication can be found below, along with a description as to what each output includes.

If you have any questions regarding any of the results presented here, please contact nhsstaffsurvey@surveycoordination.com.

Feedback Reports

Each of the 309 NHS organisations that took part in the 2017 NHS Staff Survey has a detailed feedback report of their findings. These reports include information on local changes since 2016, a benchmarked analysis of findings, and data by occupational and demographic groups.

The main and summary feedback reports are arranged by organisation type and in alphabetical order. Please use the following links.

Please note, for further information on how to interpret the feedback reports, including details of the calculations used, the benchmarking and the weighting please see the document 'Making sense of your Staff Survey data', available here.

National Briefing: Issues highlighted by the 2017 NHS Staff Survey

You can see an overview of the national results from the 2017 NHS Staff Survey in either pdf or Powerpoint format.

National Trend Data

A spreadsheet containing 5-year question-level data for all questions in the 2017 Staff Survey (where comparable) is available here, and the same information for the Key Findings is available here.

National Weighted Data

A spreadsheet containing 2016 and 2017 national and trust-type data for all 2017 questions and Key Findings, weighted to account for occupational group differences and trust size can be found here. This data matches that presented in the National Briefing.

Supporting Documents

The following supporting documents provide further information on the 2017 NHS Staff Survey to help understand and contextualise the results:

- The ‘Making sense of your Staff Survey data’ document contains details on the calculation and usage of the Key Findings and ‘overall staff engagement’ figure, and also explains the weighting, benchmarking, and ranking of organisations that are used in the feedback reports, as well as the calculation of the question data used in the report and a reminder of the eligibility criteria for the survey. It is available to download here.

- A 'Trust historical comparability' document, which identifies trusts with amended historical data or no historical comparisons for 2016, is available here.

- A 'Comparability spreadsheet' which shows which questions are considered comparable between the 2016 and 2017 Staff Survey is available to download here.

- A 'Summary of key research findings from the NHS Staff Survey', which summarises the key research findings from the NHS Staff Survey and suggests what NHS organisations can do to learn from these, in order to create better conditions for both staff and patients, is available to download here.

Research exploring links between staff experience and patient care - two analyses investigating the effect of staff experience within the NHS on patient care have been published and a copy of these are available here and here

Pre-Release Access List

A document detailing all those who had 24-hour pre-release access to Staff Survey 2017 results can be found here.

Organisation Weighted Data

A spreadsheet containing 2016-2017 Key Finding data for each organisation that took part in the 2017 survey, along with an indication of the statistical significance of any change between the years, is available here. This data is weighted by occupational group, and matches the weighted data in the 2017 benchmark reports for each organisation.

Benchmarking Group Weighted Data

A spreadsheet containing 2017 average (median) Key Finding scores for each benchmarking group included in the 2017 survey is available here. This data is weighted by occupational group, and matches the weighted data in the 2017 benchmark reports for each organisation.

Occupational Group Data

A spreadsheet containing 2017 Key Finding scores broken down by occupational group for each organisation that took part in the 2017 survey is available here. This data is unweighted as the occupational group weighting used in the 2017 benchmark reports does not apply when data is split by occupational group.

WRES data

The WRES data displayed in the 309 feedback reports is collated in this spreadsheet.

Question results by ethnicity

National question level results have been split by ethnicity - this spreadsheet shows results on each question for white staff and BME staff.


Organisation level question data by ethnicity is also available - this spreadsheet show results on each question for white staff and BME staff at each organisation that participated in the 2017 Staff Survey.

Online results website

Our online results site www.nhsstaffsurveyresults.com is now live.

We strongly encourage users to provide feedback on the design of the website, to report any issues they find when using the site, and to let us know what data views and/or functionality they would like to see available on the website in future years.

Please send any feedback to: nhsstaffsurvey@surveycoordination.com

Detailed Spreadsheets

The detailed spreadsheets are available below.


Your Job (1/2)


Your Job (2/2)


Your Managers


Your Health & Wellbeing


Errors, Near Misses and Incidents


Violence and Harassment


Your Personal Development


Your Organisation


Background Information


Key Findings

Key Findings, staff engagement score & response rate

Health & Wellbeing CQUIN

The necessary data for the Health & Wellbeing CQUIN are available in this spreadsheet.

Data is provided for 2015, 2016 and 2017.