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National NHS Staff Survey Co-ordination Centre

Historical Staff Survey Results

Historical Detailed Spreadsheets

To meet the Department of Health's commitment on transparency of NHS staff satisfaction data we have made available results for each survey year from 2003. By clicking on the links below you will be taken to a page where you can download a series of spreadsheets showing question level data for the relevant survey year.

Note: a minor error was detected in the base numbers of four questions in the 2012-2015 detailed spreadsheets. This error has now been amended and the relevant spreadsheets re-uploaded. Please note that the error did not affect any of the question scores or percentages - only the base numbers.

Response Rate Pilot Study

A pilot study was conducted during the 2015 Staff Survey to test a variety of interventions designed to increase response rates for the online component of the survey. A report detailing the findings from this pilot is available here.

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