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Staff Survey 2007 - Detailed Spreadsheets

Results for the Staff Survey 2007 can be seen below. We have released detailed spreadsheets showing key finding and question level information for each trust who took part in the 2007 survey.


Key Findings

Click here to see scores for each of the 26 Key Findings for each trust who took part in the Staff Survey 2007.

Question Level Data

To see question level data for each trust who took part, select the appropriate questionnaire section below.


Work-life balance

Appraisals and team work

Errors, near misses and incidents

Your Job

Your Organization

Violence, bullying and harassment

Occupational health and safety

Supporting Document

A document "Making Sense of your Staff Survey Data", which details how the Key Findings are calculated is available to download here.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Staff Survey Co-ordination Centre.