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The reporting for the staff survey is changing this year, for a summary of the key changes please click here. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the new reporting.

If you cannot find answers to your questions here, or need further information, please contact the Coordination Centre at nhsstaffsurvey@surveycoordination.com or on 01865 208 141.

This page will be regularly updated over the following weeks.

I am struggling to find the results I am looking for…?

The Staff Survey result outputs have undergone a major revision in 2018. The majority of the outputs are now published through our results website (http://www.nhsstaffsurveyresults.com/), but some are still hosted on this website.

An overview of where each of the reporting outputs is located is available here.

How should I interpret results for the thinking about leaving questions (q23a-d)?

Results for these questions should be treated carefully. Jeremy Dawson, Professor of Health Management at the Institute of Work Psychology, provides the following advice:

“Staff intention to leave jobs is frequently used as an indicator of staff morale across many industries. Although it is moderately correlated with actual staff turnover, it is well recognised that responses indicating a willingness to leave often do not result in that respondent leaving the organisation any time soon; instead, it is a barometer of how staff feel they are treated in general when they are at work.”

“It should not be taken as a literal indication of how many employees will leave, and in any case needs to be considered in context: of those employees who do leave a particular organisation, some will do this naturally as part of their career progression (especially for clinicians in training), and many will stay within the NHS.” 

Where can I find the WRES & WDES results?

Both WRES and WDES results are published through online dashboards this year. They can be found under the ‘Local results’ section of our results page.

Where can I find the overall engagement score?

As part of the reporting changes this year, themes have replaced Key Findings (KFs) as the new summary indicators.

The new ‘Staff engagement’ theme is calculated in the same way (using the same questions and method) as the old overall engagement score, but responses are scored differently, on a 0-10 scale rather than the previous 1-5 scale. Historical data has been recalculated wherever possible for this theme, so changes in the engagement score over time can be assessed. Staff engagement theme results are available in the appropriate national and local dashboards.

To aid with the transition to the new reporting this year, we have produced the weighted KFs and the old overall engagement score (5pt scale) at organisation level. These results are included in the ‘Weighted Key Findings by organisation’ spreadsheet, which is published on our main website.

Can I access data in my benchmark report in spreadsheet format?

It is possible to download the data included in the benchmark reports in spreadsheet format through the benchmark data dashboards.

1.) Select the data you’re interested in.

2.) Click on the download button in the bottom right and select ‘Data’ or ‘Crosstab’. If these buttons are greyed out then please click on the graph itself and then try again.

How can I use charts in my benchmark reports in other documents?

To include benchmark report charts in other presentations or reports, we recommend taking screenshots or screengrabs of the relevant chart / page. It is also possible to copy out data from pages, or data can be downloaded in spreadsheet format from the ‘Benchmarking dashboard’ (located under the ‘Local results’ section of our results page).

Will results on organisation rankings and largest local changes be published?

Organisation rankings and largest local changes are no longer being published for the NHS Staff Survey by the Coordination Centre. Instead, the benchmark and organisation trend data included in the benchmark reports and the benchmarking dashboards can be used to reliably identify questions of interest.