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National NHS Staff Survey Co-ordination Centre

NHS Staff Survey 2020

The results of the NHS Staff Survey 2020 are now available. The outputs that are created as a result of the survey’s publication can be found below, or on our online results site www.nhsstaffsurveyresults.com

Each local organisation received the data from the free text comments about its own staff on Wednesday 26 May 2021. The two free text questions were not designed to measure and compare how well different organisations were performing. Unlike the statistical results, individual organisational data from the text free comments will not be published by the Staff Survey Co-ordination Centre. A national commentary was published on the results website on Thursday 27 May 2021. This provides numerical information about the national picture, with results for all our NHS people, some specific audiences and a deeper dive into a few topics.

The questionnaire and guidance documents for 2020 are available on the 'Survey Documents' tab.

NHS Staff Survey 2021

An updated questionnaire and guidance for the 2021 survey will be published later in the summer.

If you are an organisation looking for support with the 2021 NHS Staff Survey, please note that the previous Approved Contractors Framework expired in June 2019 and has not been replaced. The contractors below ran the survey in 2020 and are offering to run the survey again this year. We would advise contacting them directly to discuss your requirements:

Picker: clientservice@pickereurope.ac.uk or 01865 208140
Quality Health: lucinda.phillips@quality-health.co.uk or 01246 856263





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