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Focused on staff experience
National NHS Staff Survey Co-ordination Centre

Staff Survey 2018 - Detailed Spreadsheets

Please note, all data in the detailed spreadsheet is unweighted and should not be used to make comparisons between organisations. This means that the data will differ from that presented in most sections of feedback reports available for each organisation, as well as from the national briefing and national weighted analysis. For further information on the weighting, please see the 'Technical document', available here

Averages presented in the detailed spreadsheets are calculated as means of the organisation means. This means that all organisations have an equal impact on the average, regardless of their size or response rate.

Supporting documents

The following supporting documents provide further information on the 2018 NHS Staff Survey to help understand and contextualise the results:

- The ‘Technical document’ contains details on the calculation and usage of the themes and question level results  and ‘overall staff engagement’ figure, and also explains the weighting, benchmarking, and ranking of organisations that are used in the feedback reports, as well as the calculation of the question data used in the report and a reminder of the eligibility criteria for the survey. It is available to download here

- A 'Trust historical comparability' document, which identifies trusts with amended historical data or no historical comparisons for 2017, is available here

- A 'Questionnaire comparability spreadsheet' which shows which questions are considered comparable between the 2018 and 2017 Staff Survey is available to download here

- A 'Summary of key research findings from the NHS Staff Survey', which summarises the key research findings from the NHS Staff Survey and suggests what NHS organisations can do to learn from these, in order to create better conditions for both staff and patients, is available to download here.

-  Research exploring links between staff experience and patient care - two analyses investigating the effect of staff experience within the NHS on patient care have been published and a copy of these are available here and here

Key findings

Click here to see scores for the 32 Key Findings, the overall engagement score, and response rate information for each trust who took part in the Staff Survey 2018.