Bank Worker Results

Information on the experience of bank only workers in NHS trusts

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Aggregate results for bank only workers

For the first time in 2022, eligibility to participate in the NHS Staff Survey was extended to bank workers who do not have a substantive contract at their organisation but work for the NHS via an in-house bank (bank only workers). Participation was voluntary for organisations. Where organisations chose to extend participation to their in-house bank only workers, these workers were surveyed using a tailored version of the core NHS Staff Survey questionnaire via an online only survey.

The report below provides a summary of the survey results for bank workers in NHS trusts that took part, and the results provide a robust baseline measure of the experience of bank only workers, including against the seven elements of the NHS People Promise.

Please note that the results reported are not directly comparable with the core NHS Staff Survey results, and any comparisons between these results and those reported for substantive staff should be made with caution. Please see Section 3 of the report for more details.