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Find documents and materials related to conducting the survey.

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NHS Staff Survey 2021

Communications Toolkit

This communications toolkit aims to support staff engagement, HR and comms colleagues in promoting the survey to their staff through their own internal communications and engagement channels.

The Introduction to the Comms Toolkit provides a list of all available assets. Posters, social media cards, email signatures and more are available in the Comms asset pack. In addition, check out these promotional videos which can be used to to support your own engagement activities:

  • Why we need to hear from all voices in the NHS staff survey – this short film (59 seconds) provides a call to action from Anton Emmanuel (our WRES lead) to encourage all our NHS people to take part in the survey.
  • The People Promise Animation – this short animation (58 seconds) introduces the People Promise and its seven elements

Case Studies

Useful case studies from participating organisations.


All participating organisations must use the core questionnaire provided and may optionally include additional local questions.

Email and letter templates

Download the covering emails and letters that must be used when contacting staff.

Guidance materials

There are two versions of the 2021 NHS Staff Survey guidance, one for participating organisations and one for contractors.

There is also a summary of the key changes to the 2021 NHS Staff Survey results and a document to help participating organisations achieve a good survey response rate.

NHS Staff Survey 2020

Analysis and reporting

For a brief overview of the survey and the reporting outputs available from the NHS Staff Survey 2020, please refer to the summary of 2020 outputs and basic guide.

For help with interpreting the quantitative data, please refer to the technical document for quantitative outputs.

And for more information about the approach taken to analysis free text data for 2020 take a look at understanding your free text data and associated free text data technical document.

Pre-release access lists

For details of stakeholders who had 24-hour pre-release access to the NHS Staff Survey 2020 results please see the two pre-release access lists below.