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Drill down and filter results in an easy to use dashboard

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The NHS Staff Survey results dashboard contains results at a national, regional, ICS and organisation level, including benchmarking data for individual organisations. It also includes results for NHS Staff Survey indicators used in the Workforce Disability Equality Standard and the Workforce Race Equality Standard.

The dashboard was updated in 2024 to feature two-factor analysis at a national, regional and ICS level which will allow greater understanding of intersectionality. This means users of the new dashboard will be able to filter data by two demographics simultaneously. For example: female doctors; or nurses who were recruited from outside of the UK. This will enhance the understanding of employee experience even more and support tailored actions.

When accessing the dashboard, we recommend you read through the guidance pages first, where you will find useful information on how to use the dashboard and the key features it offers.

Below are links enabling you to view demonstration videos, which provide guidance on how to use the dashboard.

  1. View demo video: Overview
  2. View demo video: Interactive Features
  3. View demo video: National dashboards
  4. View demo video: Region and ICS dashboards
  5. View demo video: Organisational dashboards

Download the data that sits behind the dashboard below.